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Become An Investor

How It Works

G. G. Financials connects our clients looking for financial assistance with people and organizations looking to invest. As an investor, you help provide financing to verified individuals that will pay back with interest. Our clients receive the funds they need, and you can earn attractive returns through biweekly installment repayments over the terms of the loans, which could be up to 3 months.


Investors Decides how much they would like to lend and provide the funds to G. G. Financials

G. G. Financials

We review applications and approve creditworthy individuals. We then pay out loans and process repayments for investors.


Clients make fixed biweekly or monthly repayments with interest, which we distribute to all the investors who lent to them.

How Much Can I earn

Average returns for all loans originated by G. G. Financials for investors from the inception of our investment portfolio is 10% on investment. After being an active investor for 1 year, your returns will be increased to 12% of your investment.

How To Invest

Sign up an account

Once you’ve signed up for an account with G. G. Financials and we’ve confirmed your approved investor status, you can determine how much you will be investing. You can transfer a minimum of $5,000 to us for lending. Your funds will be ready to invest within five business days.

Invest in loans

G. G. Financials Will be responsible for issuing the loan to our clients. Once the loan is issued, you will be paid biweekly until the loan is complete. Each payment done will include the loan capital, and interest.

Track your investment

Borrowers repay loans through fixed biweekly installments. As an investor, you will receive portions of each payment on corresponding loans. Log into the investor portal via web or mobile app (Android) at any point to see how your investments are performing and get summarized statistics for your portfolio.

Reinvest your earnings

As long as you keep Auto Invest active on your account, your repayments will be continuously reinvested in newly issued loans. This helps your interest to compound, maximizing your return. Our tool will automatically continue investing, ensuring your money is being put to work for you.

How we manage risk

G. G. Financials only lend to clients that work at registered companies within the borders of Jamaica.

1: Before we decide to start lending to our clients, we ensure that the company supports salary deduction and has no issue sending payments for its employees.

2: We do not issue loans for amounts exceeding what the client gets paid biweekly / monthly. If the client leaves their work, their final pay is enough to cover their loan.

3: We do not issue loans to clients that already have a loan being deducted from their salary.

The aim is to ensure that every loan is paid in full within 1 to 3 months depending on the amount